Flashback Friday

A memory was sparked as I was listening to the first episode of the Craft Your Life With Altenew podcast. Jennifer Rzasa and Tasnim Ahmed were sharing about their crafting journeys and when it all started for them. Jen mentioned how her mom had recently gone through some of their old things preparing for a move and found some old cards made by Jen. That’s when I remembered a while back my mom passed on to me cards and notes I had made for my grandmother as a child that she found while going through her belongings. I had forgotten all about them! I went digging and it took awhile so I started to think maybe I had tossed them, but I found them! One of the cards has actual butterfly wings on it. Now I have confirmation my crafting journey started back in my childhood. As I think about it, I can remember cutting up intricate flowers and pieces from unwanted cards and turning them in my own new creations. How about that – fussy cutting all those years ago!

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